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Throughout America, there’s a horrible stigma surrounding fraternity life. With hazing lawsuits popping up around the nation, poor movie depictions (you may have seen Animal House), and concerns about academics falling behind, it’s not surprising that many incoming college students would be hesitant to join Greek life. It’s even less surprising that even more parents are hesitant to let them. However, Tau Epsilon Phi boasts a long line of dedicated men, bonded by our three ideals of friendship, chivalry, and service.

As a past Interfraternity Council member, I’ve seen the pros and cons of Greek Life at Rensselaer and can say with conviction that our school gives a whole new meaning to being a ‘frat guy’. Between deep alumni networks, a strong Greek and college community, and a GPA that consistently matches or surpasses the RPI average, any young man can easily find a promising home with a lifelong group of friends he can rightfully call ‘brothers’.

But why choose TEP? With nearly thirty other fraternities, what makes Tau Epsilon Phi the best? Well, although clichéd, we’re not like other fraternities. Throughout the house, brothers have many diverse interests. They range from motorcycles to video games, cooking to crafts. We also have many brothers participate on our chapter’s intramural sports team, the Heaving Spleens. In addition to this, our alumni network extends back to 1958, with many brothers and alumni in the engineering and computer science fields. Academically, each brother pursues their discipline to a full, comprehensive knowledge, in both class and in real-world contexts.

However, the defining trait of Tau Epsilon Phi that makes us stand out is the closeness our brotherhood has. Many brothers will say the reason they decided to join TEP was the closeness they saw throughout the fraternity, despite very different personalities. Because of the proximity to campus, being just past the Student Union, many brothers are by the house on a regular, if not daily basis. In my personal experience as a brother, I can recount only great times spent with this fraternity, and I’m proud to say that I am a Tau Boy. TEPs are Tops!

Dave “Dan Queed” Cass

Class of 2013

Tau Epsilon Phi's Epsilon Iota Chapter at RPI has been upholding Friendship, Chivalry, and Service since 1957.

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